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Renault's Eurodrive Program can generate revenue for your organization without your having to make any telephone calls or answering any questions.

How does it work?

  • You agree to host a Renault Eurodrive link on your firm's Web site. We provide the branded links, logos and banners. All you do is post them on your site. No programming necessary!

  • By clicking on the link, visitors to your website open a new window, a co-branded "Welcome page" which displays your logo as well as Renault Eurodrive's.

  • The "Welcome Page" links lead to the Renault Eurodrive Web site, which contains complete information about the Eurodrive program. Visitors may return to your Web site at any time just by closing the Renault Eurodrive window.

  • You will receive a commission on every reservation made this way - it's effortless!

  • Even if your visitor decides to make the booking at a later time going directly to Renault Eurodrive's website, you will still get your commission.

The benefits to you :

  • You increase your sales, at basically no cost to you and without any effort.

  • You develop content on your Internet site, which generates additional traffic.

  • You improve the rating and indexing of your website by the Search Engines.

  • Potential clients who visit your site will learn about an exciting product that is well explained and attractively presented. Again, it's all done without the intervention of your personnel, who can get on with other things.

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