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Trunk Capacity
(Cubic feet)
13.88 6.56 5.22 From 14.3 to 18.9
Car Model Transmission Trunk
(Cubic feet)
Fuel Consumption
A/C GPS Coverage Bluetooth
Diesel Automatic GPS Automatic 14.3 to 18.4 69 Yes Europe Yes
Diesel Manual GPS Manual 14.3 to 18.4 71 Yes Europe Yes
Gasoline Automatic GPS Automatic 14.9 to 18.9 51 Yes Europe Yes
Gasoline Manual GPS Manual 14.9 to 18.9 50 Yes Europe Yes
NEW Captur, stylish and compact family crossover that stands out from the crowd by delivering modern styling, ground clearance of an SUV, spacious high-quality interior with seating for five, generous trunk space and the agility of a compact car that brings driving enjoyment to anyone who sits behind the wheel. This urban crossover comes fitted with full LED lighting for improved visibility, dual-zone climate control with AC, and sliding rear seats for additional trunk space. Both gasoline and diesel models were developed using Renaults latest technologies resulting in best-in-class fuel efficiency and performance. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA: Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-3.