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Trunk Capacity
(Cubic feet)
14.24 6.73 5.54 From 13.3 to 15.7
Car Model Transmission Trunk
(Cubic feet)
Fuel Consumption
A/C GPS Coverage Bluetooth
4x2 Blue Diesel Manual GPS Manual 15.1 67 Yes Western Europe Yes
4x2 Gasoline Manual GPS Manual 15.7 51 Yes Western Europe Yes
4x4 MudSnow Blue Dies Manual GPS Manual 13.3 60 Yes Western Europe Yes
Dacia Duster is a top selling SUV in Europe. Whether you are driving a 4X2 or 4X4 version, Duster feels sure footed everywhere you take it. From city streets where you will find it surprisingly easy to maneuver, to the open trails this SUV will adapt to all of your needs. Travelers will find the trunk space very spacious; its rear split fold seats provide extra cargo space for larger items -- bikes, furniture, camping or sport equipment and more. Dacia Duster comes well equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power steering, parking sensors, and GPS. In short, whether you are of the practical or of the adventurer type, Duster is sure to meet and exceed your desires. 4x4 models come equipped with MS tires (Mud and Snow tires) that meet special winter season regulations of countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA: Honda CRV, Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4.