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Length (Feet) Width (Feet) Height (Feet) Trunk (Cubic feet) Passengers
15.3 6.8 5.5 19.95
Car Model Transmission No. of Gears Bluetooth MP3 AUX jack USB Connector Leather
4x2 Diesel Manual GPS Manual 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Initiale Paris Diesel Automatic GPS Automatic 7 Yes Yes Yes Yes
NEW KOLEOS - The new Koleos is a luxurious five-passenger SUV with its high ground clearance and all-terrain ability it will take you anywhere you wish to go. Its refined and comfortable interior is among the best in the category and its class-leading cabin space along with a comprehensive list of equipment will keep you comfortably entertained throughout your trip. With knee room of 289mm in the rear seats, Koleos not only surpasses its rivals but also provides passengers with generous head, shoulder and elbow room. In addition to its impressive cabin space, the new Koleos delivers a spacious modular trunk with split fold 60-40 rear seats for extra luggage room. Comparably sized vehicles in the USA: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot.